Let other hooners know you're DTH (down-to-hoon) with one of our T-Shirts or snap backs. Want to start your kid off on a piston driven life of adventure? We've got that covered too

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Decals & Stickers

You can be our Wingman any time... or we can be yours, but if you don't show us we'll never know. Put a sticker on your motor and let people know you're part of the team.

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Whether its Livery, team T-Shirts or custom decals, at Wingman we can create your vision into something real! Take a look at some of our past projects to see what we can do for you.

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About Us

Hello Communal Hooners! We want to give you a massive Wingman welcome. This goes out to all car enthusiasts, regardless of what you drive, where you live or what you believe. We don't judge, we just want to see what gets you excited. Help build our community to be large and diverse, passionate and respectful. What do we want? Nothing much. Just world peace through hooning!

Ever fallen in step with another cool car on the motorway? Ever had the thumbs up from a complete stranger you were driving spiritedly alongside? Ever noticed someone enjoying your motor as you drive buy, or found yourself taking photos of random, awesome cars as you walk past them on the street. They're your Wingman. You're their Wingman. We're all Wingman.


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Start 'Em Young

Now you can stare longingly at the love of your life, whist staring at the love of your life, with Wingman baby and kids clothes! (yes, you read that right). Let your kid show the others who has the fastest dad in the playground!

Visit our store to see our designs. Not got your car? Contact us and let us know. If you don't ask you don't get.

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Big Perm E28 fan art

We love cars here at Wingman, so this project was done for no other reason than WE LOVE THIS CAR!

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Respect your elders!

Legend is a pretty strong word, but if any cars are worthy of the title it's the ones found in the 'Respect your elders' collection. Keep an eye out for new designs, and let us know if you think we've missed any.

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Revs Magazine

Old school in more than one respect. This rendering was created for Revs magazine back in 2002...

... along with this Scooby.

We had a number of designs featured in the magazie over the years, mostly concept designs for how a project might look. Let us know if we can do the same for you.

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RWB Porsche fan art

Because RWB Porsche. Here at Wingman we're huge fans of Nakai-San's creations. The literal definition of a wingman. One day... one day.

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Civic Cup Racer Livery

Wingman race team anyone? We were given the task of designing the livery for an EP3 Honda Civic Type R, which will be entering into the Civic Cup very soon. We can't wait to see it shredding round the track.

One not enough? No, we didn't think so either. A second Wingman racer might be on the way. Watch this space.

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